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To provide classrooms, facilities and technology to support instruction in math, science/engineering, fix roofs, plumbing / electrical systems, construct, repair, upgrade/ acquire classrooms, facilities, equipment, provide labs/equipment for career and technology classes to prepare students for college and in-demand jobs, shall Napa Valley Unified School District Schools Facilities Improvement District No. 2 (American Canyon Area)’s measure authorizing #25,000,000 in bonds at legal rates be adopted, levying 2 cents/$100 assessed value ($2,000,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding, with independent citizen oversight and all money staying in American Canyon?


Measure A2 is about one thing: Improving the quality of American Canyon schools. 


After extensive research and input from American Canyon residents, it was determined that voters wanted all funds raised in American Canyon for school improvements to stay in the local community to benefit American Canyon children. This measure is designed to do just that. 


All money raised will be spent locally to repair and improve American Canyon schools. It can’t be taken away by the state or spent on Napa schools. 


Measure A2 will address the most pressing needs of our American Canyon schools.  Specifically:

  • Provide classrooms, labs and equipment for instruction so students are prepared for college and in-demand jobs in fields like health sciences, engineering, technology and skilled trades.

  • Improve student safety and campus security systems including security cameras, emergency communication systems, smoke detectors, fire alarms and sprinklers.

  • Update older school facilities so they meet the same academic and safety standards of newer schools.

  • Repair or replace old worn-out roofs, floors, walkways, lighting, plumbing, ventilation, and electrical systems.

  • Playfields, play structures and playgrounds which serve the entire community will be renovated for safety.


This measure requires a clear system of accountability including a school-by-school project list detailing exactly how funds will be used. An independent Citizens Oversight Committee of American Canyon residents will provide reports and audits to ensure all funds are spent properly on American Canyon schools.


Our safe, quality American Canyon schools contribute to a quality community and protect property values.


All funds raised by Measure A2 will stay in our community to benefit local children.  No money can be taken by the state or used for other purposes. None of the funds will be used to pay for salaries or administrators.  


Please vote YES on Measure A2.


Jack Gray

Founder, Napa County Taxpayers Association 


Leon Brauning

Founder and Past President, Napa County Taxpayers Association 


Kasama Lee

Community Realtor and Youth Supporter 


Fran Lemos

Community Leader


Marilyn B. Abelon

Principal, Donaldson Way Elementary School

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